Asian Rubber Trading - The Best Choice for your Conveyors.


Our product is used for conveying all types of material, in bulk, cold (<80°C) and neutral, in all extraction and transformation industries, under average to severe working conditions.
Our belt consists of 3 to 5 EP (polyester warp and polyamide weft) synthetic fabric plies with a rubber interface, the thickness of which varies according to the type.

  • The low-elongation polyester fibres are used in the warp direction to reduce the length of the tension travels.
  • The more elastic polyamide fibres are used in the weft, to ensure good troughing.
  • The carcass is protected by covers of D grade (superior quality anti-abrasive) which is recommended for very abrasive products and sharp materials (abrasion loss as per
  • NFT 46012, ISO 4649 and DIN 53516, average value 100 mm3). These belts can also be produced with X, Y or Z cover grades standardized as per DIN 22102.

EP conveyor belts are primarily used in the following industries:

  • Quarries/sand pits (grain size < 400 mm)
  • Thermal power plants (coal, ash)
  • Cement works (quarry materials, added materials, cold clinker)
  • Fertilizer factories / Chemical plants (non chemically aggressive materials)
  • Port installations (ores, coal, phosphates)
  • Mining/Iron and Steel Industry (ores, coke, added materials)
  • Paper mills (wood, edgings)
  • Salt marshes / Salt works
  • Sugar factories (sugar beet and sugar beet chips)
  • Glassworks (raw materials, cullet)