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Established in 2005, we are one of the leading organizations in UAE for fabric and steel cord conveyor belts maintenance services, Electric motor rewinding and repair services. Our organization comprising of highly qualified and experienced professionals with local and International industry experience, is aligned and committed to providing technically excellence, on time project completion and warranty services to our clients.

Marine and industrial electric motor repair and services

Owing to our countable experience of the industry, we have been able to provide a range of Repairing and Rewinding Services to our clients. Congruent with industry laid guidelines, they are equipped with tools and machinery and also highly trained to meet the specific needs of the customers. Superior-grade raw-materials are obtained from the most authorized vendors in the industry. Our team makes use of advanced technology and high grade trainers to provide the services blissfully.

History of Electric Motors

In the 1830′s, Michael Faraday made a discovery that has made work easier for all of us. While experimenting with magnets he found that moving a wire through a magnetic field would produce an electric current. This experiment is important because it led to the discovery of the operating principles of electric motors and generators. A motor is a rotating machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A generator, on the other hand, is a rotating machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Electric motors play a very important part in furnishing power for all types of domestic and industrial applications. Their versatility, dependability, and economy of operation cannot be equaled by any other form of motive power. These motors, the machine they drive, and motor controller are interrelated. They need to be considered a package when choosing a specific device for a particular application.

When an electric motor fails there are several typical types of failure; Bearings, Windings, Rotors, Shafts, and External Conditions or Damage.
These failures require different types of repair and are generally referred to as Electric Motor Repair, Recondition, Remanufacture, and Rewind. Outlined below is the general scope of work for each of the above.